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Edward Snowden called for ‘global solutions’ in November 2013. We who can smell a rat sat up and thought twice. Incidentally, there is little in Snowden’s revelations that were not already known. More than one before him had come out with same information, even more consistently; with little fanfare, and they are still at home. That the NSA and many others sweep up everything was not surprising.


So I looked at his Radix (Rodden AA), and there was something that I seldom encounter. He had no Dynamical Angular Primary Directions In Config in 2013, and no ‘heavy’ transits (beyond Saturn), by conjunction, to Radix. My ‘credo’ means implication, and not always equivalence, [Axis.d => E, and not Axis.d <=> E, or E => Axis.d], E meaning ‘Event’, but I would never have guessed that Snowden’s Radix would be ‘blank’ in this way in a monumental year. As far as it goes, his birth data are solid; otherwise this chart would be in the Meme-section. (In a way, all charts are memes.) Of course there is always the possibility of being duped – or one could find this or that technique that ‘explains’ the lack of primary dynamics. It has not often been so in my experience with groundbreaking cases. To me, this was unexpected.

P.Moon and T.Saturn were both through their first return back then (seen in Radix, with aspect configurations). These are cycles that we always must consider. They are absolutely important here, even more on an inner level. The Secondary Chart, as such, as a dynamical state, must be taken into account – and yes, there are active aspects. There is a.o. an exact P.(Sun sq Saturn)(with Pluto) – a trying time, a period.

Here, now, I am focusing on basics. Charts are analyzed more thoroughly elsewhere in these pages. I may revisit this one – as well as go into those for Assange and Manning.

This could be a question of character. One thing that overlords really fear, is that there may be a genuine human being in their staff, one who does not compromise true conscience, one that could never become prostitute, and who only fears the consequences of one’s own actions, which one cannot escape when the bill is due. There will be more lanterns coming forth. ‘One or many’ is a law of Nature, and we already have more than one who tells.

I cannot say whether Edward Snowden is genuine, and I cannot say if Julian Assange is. Manning referred to real video games, let us not forget that, and is now used as a warning and scapegoat. Shooting the messenger is an old art.

One of the first tell-tale signs with Snowden in Hong Kong was the crowds carrying, and walls and fences plastered with, prefabricated placards. We know this scenery very well from nearly all staged ‘demonstrations’. The distributed signs are mostly all alike, or very similar. They are certainly not made spontaneously by people in agitated moods. What is seldom noted: these artifacts cost money and takes time to produce. And, of course: the press coverage in extenso. What about other diverse ‘whistleblowers’, some even more important at that. Did or do they get attention? Are they all well?

Have Snowden’s public appearances changed anything, other than consolidate the activities of the NSA and other factions? So much has been written by acute commentators, that I find little reason now to repeat words and efforts. Let us also not be blinded by this Greenwald & Co., which, though the reputation was good beforehand, now is more like handling trickling glitter.

There is a real and viable avenue by which to put obstacles into the fore, and that is when people, justified as taxpayers, through public offices and businesses, act together to stop the flow of water and other necessities into the facilities of the Octopus. But show me a good example where enough people will spend one iota of their complacency and dependencies. Well, maybe when it’s on a doorstep.

Assange: We are still waiting for a certain thumb drive containing damaging information on large banks. He announced that its publication would be shortly into the new year, at the time when we saw him cruising by in London, surrounded by placards and throngs of people, and then living on an estate. I am not skating over the repressions from ‘justice’. I simply ask why he doesn’t keep his word. Wouldn’t that thumb drive really be something by which to make an argument? What has Assange brought us of lasting value, that informed researchers didn’t already know? And, again: the press coverage. I can readily think of quite a few who better deserved publicity about what has befallen them.

Maybe the missing dynamics in Snowden’s chart signifies that this is about us, in our detachment and absence from reality. Why do we accept being mouthed and groped? It is a very short time ago that we intensely discussed and felt safe in our privacy, and our ‘trusted’ governments assured us that there would never be any cross-references between registers, which then were fewer. Why would I now believe Norwegian bureaucrats and officials more than others?

Look at the actions of the EU: On the one hand they loudly decry being violated by the US[A] in this regard, then they – subserviently or in collusion, pivoting on the same hub – trample in broad light on the president of the sovereign nation of Bolivia, in stark contrast to established law. This is one example. Which are their allegiances?

The success in transforming our ‘democratic’ societies beyond recognition is blatant. The face of ‘justice’ in the ‘fair’ USA is grim, more now than ever; the prison system is among the worst – and daily life there is not anymore perceived from the outside as preferable, as was the case not very long ago. The rampant, and extreme, police brutality is a case in point. How is it that the same masks manifest simultaneously worldwide with identical apparel and manner if that course were not intentional and willed by our ‘leaders’, or rather, those behind?

The UK belongs to this axis, to this picture: they also crush opponents with State blessing. We watch. It is not always easy to deduct and find the factual originators in a construct, but the steering wheels are visible.

To an extent Norway belongs to, and would naturally gravitate towards, the intellectually sophisticated German cultural sphere, which of course many who read do by themselves. I will go further into the European perspective as this blog develops. And, lest we should forget, Russia is Norway’s neighbor, and I would recommend you to find out about the qualities there.

Now you might ask why I don’t mention Canada and Australia while I’m at it. I do. Australia especially is much more of a repressive society than we like to think, and there has up till now been sparse focus on it.

Remember, my perspective is the ‘West’, this is my field of vision, these are my kin. I do know, though, that many of you who read this, in parts of the world about which I know little, on a daily basis undergo oppression and nightmares, with little attention and consequence from our brave politicians here – who with closed eyes and pretense do lucrative business with yours instead.

Why do we subdue and accept? Why don’t we react? Do we enjoy widespread restrictions as to what before was normal life? Do we like omnipresent eyes? Is being docile in comfort what we want? Do we have commitment? Willing servants don’t.

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