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1905-06-07 10:35 am CET, Oslo
It is common among astrologers to use Radix 11:00 am CET, and as far as I can tell the sources are sound. However, the time should be further investigated. When was it officially established in the Norwegian Parliament that the union with Sweden was ended? The time 10:35 am used here was given in a radio program (NRK) around year 2000+. This gives a good opportunity to test the Static-Dynamical Model.



An astrologer who works with the Secondary Chart (planetary and axial progressions) will immediately see that Norway will reach a crucial point when r.ASC.d conjoins r.Mars (In Config). That is a typical Dynamical Angular Primary Direction which stands out, triggering major configurations, and it is as such precisely what we need to rectify a chart with some certainty. P.Moon is concomitantly exact in the picture!

This could signify what happened July 22, 2011, when the government area in central Oslo literally was blown to pieces, with fatalities. Additionally, the same day, many were gunned down by the same perpetrator on an island not far from the city, most of them in their youth. I have not yet decided if I will delve into the chart of Mr. ABB. Many in Norway think it is best, at least for now, just to ignore him. Anyway, we would not have a documented birth time, so it might also not be responsible. You will find enough for thought and consideration by studying the case.

If I were in some position of responsibility at that time, and if I had paid attention to astrological principles and to what genuine astrologers actually say, I would have expected some event of this martial nature, and of a magnitude, and that it would hit home. But, the ‘establishment’ does not take astrology seriously. That is why no sane astrologer would venture into a formal warning to officialdom. Could anyone have predicted exactly what would happen? Astrology is about the tide of time, about potential.

Of course this action is terrible in every conceivable way, and the pain it has inflicted is more than most of us ever can begin to fathom. But I must ask: Should I in principle mourn our own suffering more than the innocent civilians, including children, that we each day maim and kill in other countries, if not by ourselves, then by our closest allies or ideological kin?

Norway is a participating and warring nation, and weapon production & export is integral to its economy.

What we do to others will eventually return. I think we should internalize more that individuals decide these deeds. People do it. They can be named. You will find some of them in this Cauldron. What kind of humans are they? Is it about fairness or is it about access to resources? Is it power play? Should I accept remote-controlled robot murder machines? I guess you know what kind of substances bombs may contain, and what kind of damage they can do to a living body. Is torturous detention legitimate? We ourselves are responsible through our politicians – we have chosen them, at least that’s true in true democracies or republics.

Through the first court case and the appointed ‘evaluators’, we were able to see the hopeless inadequacy of psychiatry as a practicable tool, though trying to uphold inbred illusions of it as being objective. As is well known from more than one society, psychiatry guises for the real powers. As usual, they instinctively started off by robbing ABB of all integrity, clinging to the oppressive mechanisms in this would-be ‘science’. It is interesting that ABB already by himself was on ‘medication’ – a common factor and legio in terrorism. Here, let us just say that even in his twisted mind there was logic, so much that societal correctness couldn’t cope with it. Another observation: I did not follow the whole case, but as far as I could see, the judge kept a nice and controlled face through the long days. Only in the very last minute her mask cracked, showing for a brief moment what kind of force she represents, and is accustomed to.

I am aware that my wording here may be taken ad lib, but I am sure that intelligent readers will see through the fog. There are good reasons why many are wary of and don’t bother with legacy media. Let me state as clearly as I can: It is not even remotely possible to endorse ABB’s creepy tenets. No words exist that can justify his actions, or that sufficiently can denounce him.

In ‘cultural’ programs in Norwegian broadcasting, you will find sport as one of the main dishes. And don’t turn on the news if you think important things happen in the world arena and you don’t want to first listen through some posts about Norwegian sports heroes. Organized sport, and now I don’t count the money, has always in any society been a valve to contain primitive urges, but here this is pure narcissism as well.

Strangely, intellectual and artistic achievers do not receive near as much recognition. Or is it strange? Look at radix applicative (Saturn square Mercury) Ex Config, and then radix applicative (Venus opposition Mars) in a kite figure, definitely In Config, with the overzealous, divergent Neptune in a focal ReliefPoint. Of course the whole configuration contains more, but I think this particular trait is clearly outlined.

The radix Moon in Leo is telling. It is quite astonishing, knowing the Norwegian self-portrait, that radix Sun is Ex Config, though it is in strong conjunction with Pluto. Could it be that the Moon T-square in a way takes the Sun’s place, so that Norway at least in the populace is a Leo – not exactly underestimating its own importance – and yes, also emphasizing the weight put in public discourse on citizen-ruled democracy (‘folkestyre’).

Norwegian policies, with alliances, are not as innocent as we like to believe. In our affiliated political vicinity, and in finance, there definitely are rogue elements. The list is long, and critical scrutiny is rare.

It is not my objective in this blog to go deep into geopolitics and ramifications as such. I am an astrologer, and I look at the stage from that vantage point. The world is not a perfect place, and Norway is arguably one of the best places to reside. The Radix of Norway is exceptionally balanced in its configuration, and it is rich in possibilities, yet it is puzzling that the Sun and Pluto (though in 10th) stand alone, with no main aspects. Again, we have dynamics, harmonics, midpoints, and the whole plethora of techniques – but Radix is radix.

Mars is very indicative of the energy situation, Venus is ethics, aesthetics and the concept of justice (notwithstanding Jupiter, though tending towards moralism), Saturn yields stable relationships, Uranus (with a quincunx to the Moon) the spirit of independence – I could enlarge upon this chart. In a way, Norway has everything; resources and nature; and good and bad people.

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Norway’s Weapon Industry

Much of the maiming and suffering worldwide is delivered with Norwegian weaponry. You are fooled if you think that we up here are innocent. The ‘media’, and people, stand on the sideline with little focus. The weapon production & export constitutes a considerable, integral part of the Norwegian state economy – in close cooperation with other countries. The state budget depends on the military-industrial constituent. No wonder then, that we constantly must invent enemies to be able to uphold this machinery – or have to follow orders from abroad.

There are few here who participate in drawing curtains aside. We need unspoiled eyes to see the Naked Emperor – and you will not get applause. So it is also in Norway. I will therefore do my part, if only to support those others who receive flak only for pointing out simple facts, exercising free speech. I apply the means I have, thereby safeguarding the right to have an opinion. As a citizen, I am responsible and guilty for what we overly do.

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Libya: Norway an Accomplice in War Crimes

Rumors will have it that the present leader of Norway’s Labor Party, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jonas Gahr Støre, while in the parliament building, affirmed Norway’s entry into the Allied attack on Libya in 2011 via an SMS. In this essay I will regard it as a rumor, but that would surely fit well into the rather naïve psyche of many Norwegians.

My errand is to try to fathom what took place, and by whom, when my country in such a blatant way lost its track and foothold. Of course this has much to do with Norway’s acute willingness to serve its masters, as is the case also today.

My main observation here, say a starting point, is the fact that Norway’s participation in the mindless, destructive war in Libya is not talked about in the Establishment. There is little or no discussion.

Others have disassembled Official Narratives, but I see it as my duty as an informed, able citizen to contribute with my perspective in important matters.

We could consider going into money streams and motives behind, with a scrutiny of allegiances and intentions. It is an illusion to think that our military-political dispositions actually protect us – it is more likely that we & allies create and shape the ‘strategical’ future that awaits us. Additionally, we are blind if we do not see that this more than anything else is about upholding financial-industrial investments.

Constructed ‘threats’ are needed to keep the mill going. Could there even be collusions or higher levels between ‘adversaries’? History tells us that it can.

In this vein, I think it would be interesting to find out how exactly our ‘trusted’ politicians, or their handlers, are playing the game.

A quick web search reveals startling statements made by Norwegian high-ranks. “Bomb something that looks valuable” is one of the orders given to our fighters – who promptly were active indeed. It is incredible which sloppy attitudes among our officials you will find if you dig into this. In a presumptive democratic country, with societal dignity, such blunt, disengaged approach should be a caveat to us all – and in a country with integrity these persons would be met with expedient reactions. Not so here in Norway.

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Simon Peres visits Norway

We are not endorsing Chinese cruelty. So, should we endorse the innumerable and immense crimes initiated by the state of Israel? Very soon after the Norwegian government confirmed their foolishness in the debacle with Dalai Lama, we received Mr. Simon Peres in 2014 on an official visit. Read about it. Every dignitary was present, making it nauseating clear that Norway is every bit as hypocritical as other parties. And as questions have been raised before, whether our ‘royal’ family itself is wanting in discernment, it is no surprise that they all had a good meal at the Castle.

Norway close friends with Dubai?

Norwegian Foreign Minister Eide in July 2013: “We may come closer to Dubai after this”. It is unclear whether Norwegian authorities from the start did much to alleviate the situation [Marte Dalelv], until pressured to. The most startling observation regarding that regime – just like with Saudi Arabia – is that it is not talked much about, in a way it is stonewalled. Knowing that these are glaring showcases among the worst oppressive regimes in the ‘civilized’ world, why is that? The answer is obvious. The double-standards and hypocrisy of Western politics is unmistakable. Economical interests and ties stand above all foggy talk about ‘human rights’. Actually, it might be important to look more deeply into organizations carrying that label, which is something I as an astrologer might do when time allows. Are they what they seem? What kind of creatures are these people, our ministers and diplomats, who can stomach what they do, with broad smiles on the handshake pictures taken, and still verbalize diversions? No, I don’t think one should apologize for harsh regimes and institutionalized and grotesque misuse of religion, or any brute force. I think one should say out clearly that this is about power structures and resources, and that medieval practices is what keeps the boat afloat. What a relief it would be here to see common decency and an internalization of consequence.

Oslo Panopticon

American agents were (seemingly) caught red-handed in November 2010 and exposed by the ‘press’ (as if certain local players didn’t already know). The crew had established a permanent base in a top floor apartment with good view, in an expensive area in the middle of Oslo. If you want to know the meaning of empty in ’empty political talk’, then read about the case.

A turf war ensued in the Norwegian parliament, with all the needed air punches to satisfy the sleeping public. Our brave politicians vocalized rage. Of course nothing happened. Nada. Zilch. No consequences at all.

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