The Stage of Folly


If real knowledge in any subject is the goal, or if one wishes to understand what is behind the world scene, I think we know by now that ‘relying’ on corporate and state media, commonly called mainstream media, is a waste of time. They are generally not very informative, they are not independent, and they are certainly not credible. Likewise, the jungle of alternative voices is endless and full of swamps, notwithstanding paid trolls in halls of smoke and mirrors. How often have you found yourself clicking through link after link, reading here and there, which in itself is quite fatiguing, and then realizing that you have come nowhere?

Read carefully when a piece is about a topic you really know something about, and when that fails, how can you know if it fails in areas where you don’t have knowledge? Listen first where there is Silence!

When the Internet is the portal, one does not acquire the depths of thought that reading solid books will. And every step is risky. Still, we do live integrated with that mesh. So, I scrutinize websites that on the face of it at first could be seen as worthwhile, and then I concentrate on those that consistently over time survive very thorough reading. Nothing trumps detailed study.

But, being human, I cannot resist dipping my toes in cold water, and yes, it is quite entertaining to view the painstaking machinations of diverse parties in the deception game. I give some rather random examples and comment on how I might evaluate them. I do this here, in the open and somewhat clumsily, as a process, to find out what I actually think – and ascertain as true.

I do emphasize much what is labeled Western culture, as that is where I belong, what I know, to which I am inclined, and is as far as I can see where I will be in future years. You will see that I to a degree focus on North America, and Norway is very much a subculture to the USA. Because I am Norwegian, I see that we are so closely knit and allied to that nation that it would not be too out of place to regard us as an integrated territory – not the least with resident installations. We do not quite seem to internalize our responsibility for what ‘we’ partake in, in policies, for what we actually do and have done. And look now which positions and advantages several of our ‘honest representatives’ have attained.

The shortest way to ‘predict’ what will later occur and exist here in Norway, and a fast track to detect what is already established, is to peruse some practices that are rampant in the USA & UK already. Do we want that? Granted that it also is a tendency elsewhere: Do we want to go further down the lane that we already have mounted upon?

I am old enough to remember the ‘cold war’ very concisely. Today I find it striking that the then propagandized ‘terribilites’ of the Soviet Union, and DDR, and certain other countries for that matter, is brought to rife fruition in present-day federal USA. So who is to pinpoint the real criminals? Do we believe everything we are told about history? Who are the culprits among countries and world leaders? Are countries nations or corporations? Are we ‘free’? Do we see the affiliations? Do we see corruption where it is? Do we see motives? Are the people considered worthy to be counted? Do we recognize injustice and then act accordingly?

Depth is about matters of magnitude. A real student does not delve into pop culture and gossip. A real student is not a prostitute in commercial or narcissistic wastelands. Depth deals with the Reality. It is about existential questions. It is positioned exactly in the duality of forces. No art can more precisely point the way out of conditioning and manipulations – that does not mean that genuine artists or other sincere revelators have a lesser role. Division is not the way to go, and division between sciences is a construct. Study unbiased history, and it becomes evident that we are not now culturally on a peak. Recognize scientism for what it is.

It soon becomes clear when surfing the ‘Net, naturally being drawn into circles of familiarity, that the same stories are strewn evenly out on many sites. This may be because these sites basically are accretions and not based on own research; or it is the first warning sign that you are dealing with propaganda, which again may have sinister motives. The skilled surfer seeks out genuine sites in order to learn. Pay attention to details. Recognize symbols.

We must keep in mind that there are conflicting interests, fanaticism, deception, and also evil. While we are here, we must make a choice, we ought take a stand, unless we want to spend our short while as sleepwalkers, as consumers with focus on emptiness, and with a naive trust in what we are told in authorized texts. We do not know the ultimate answer as to why or how we came to this beautiful world, but my compass tells me that unless we want to stay under tyranny, we must call out and lure out those that hide behind curtains, who have pleasure in mischief, and who may or may not realize that we on our voyage are responsible, and that the result of our actions will return to ourselves. We are not separate from what we live in. If we inflict pain, we will experience pain. If we are driven by greed, we will starve. If we destroy, if we build a repressive society, our children will be those who inhabit there.

When you are reading about financial matters like banking, and where central banking and monetary mechanisms are not discussed, you can rest assured that the text at hand at best is shallow, if not misleading. This is why many soon understood that the whole ‘Occupy Wall Street’ charade was superficial and unconvincing. If this ‘movement’ were genuine, and not managed, we would see crowds of people ‘occupying’, say encircling, certain buildings and direct subsidiaries, and more targeted ‘protests’ in financial districts in several countries.

I dare not go far into this, as I am not well versed in this area. I find money boring. However, there is enough material to go by. In finance, the roots and causes are deep and tangled. Let that be clear. Decoy buildings and conferences is not where the strategists are, they must be decoded.

Every time you hear mention of our ‘capitalist’ system, notice that it is a misnomer. We do not have a free economy. If that were true, businesses and institutions would go bust if they buckle. If large banks and corporations were not ‘bailed out’ with our property, we would be in a situation more beneficial to us all, today. Are ‘money’ real? Is it? Do we see what we allow?

It was easy already from the start to sift through the veils and find out who ‘Anonymous’ might also be. Wherever we see that particular purported ‘mask’, we know that there is not much to learn. We only have to look at the proclaimed ‘attack’ targets, or non-targets. Any sincere outlet or activity may have informational value by its own, but as soon as the ‘Anonymous’ theme is used, it is time for doing homework. And if it is not sincere? Well, disinformation is still information.

One may wonder why commanders behind domestic troops (in various forms) find it opportune to enter into an obvious street theater, in the childish ways that only rude ‘law enforcement’ can muster. What can be so important in that situation, that when people get badly hurt, which occurs, it is worth it, even when the observant young will remember for the future? I cannot answer better than anyone, but I am certain that any occasion or complex that yields such ‘field’ practice is a welcomed opportunity. Should entwined agitation arise, or violence escalate, it can be inferred that there is a golden chance for a real crackdown, with a precedence.

That makes me think about those mindless paychecks that now are the morphed ‘police’, this brutal militarized monster, these killers, tasers, and SWATs. They are everywhere orchestrated. The situation in the USA is indiscriminate and extreme, but others learn quickly. Don’t be fooled: Some domestic operations are cloaked with live drama.

Who are the masters? Who lead and give orders? Do willing servants know the exit of the structure they are erecting? Do they see the fence? Do they see the direction they support? Do they have empathy when with weaponized force an elderly person is evicted from a home, or when individuals or whole quarters are strangleholded with threatening violence, incarceration and file keeping? Who are the real initiators? The initial naive protesters or the provocateurs? The banks and corporations? Look at who serves who. See what is stockpiled, and where. Is casting a ballot once in a while enough?

Still, do we, at least in Norway, realize that we by pure chance are winners in a lottery? Do we deeply understand that we are a privileged minority, along with a small percentage of humans; that the sceneries at large, and not so distant, all around us, ought not be ignored if we as individuals and ordinary people have any integrity?

2020-07-02 | 16:26