Perfection is Limbo


Assorted One

With a Capricorn Ascendant and a Sagittarian Heart, and a Cancer Moon whispering, I repeatedly find out that planning for perfection is seldom optimal. That is an old adage, stated in several ways by many great minds of yore.

Before April this year, I was virtually digitally non-existent – a proud zero results Google case. Now living in my second Saturn Return, I then realized that I could choose between lingering on in my peculiar universe until I would have to finally leave, meanwhile with a rather random impact, or I could make a public stand. Now I have more digital venues than fingers – in addition to my vocation. So each day is a choice where to start.

In getting older, I think most of us are more motivated to do more for others, for the next generation, instead of always hunting to be abreast of own ambitions. It then also becomes meaningful to consolidate what we know, to crystallize and formulate – and to give credit to the ‘others’. Where would we have been ourselves, if we had not learned and absorbed from surroundings? And who shall prepare the ground here, if coming back is what awaits?

Being my generation, I early on read Albert Camus’ Le Mythe de Sisyphe, as well as Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, to name two, at the same time starting to study astrology in earnest. I certainly understand now what they would convey about ideals.

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