Droodle: Building 7



Conditioning is a strong factor, and it is hard to escape, starting in early childhood and continuing incrementally until it requires effort to be able to discriminate wheat from chaff. A first step to independence is understanding that what you see on the stage is not reality, and that the actors are not always aware of their role in the play, or more precisely, who have written the script, and why.

If you want to see an angry person, then casually state something that you from own research know to be true, a fact, but that few want to realize. As a telling example, you will know that you have entered the realm of thinking when you know what is implied, in more than one location, when you hear the words Building 7. When you see that some specific remedies have been in place before the cause, that the remedies explain the cause, that they are the cause, then you know that you are awake. You understand timelines and parallels. You soon find yourself in good company. You are not alone. You and your kin will then have distinct questions about how certain things could occur, the causal mechanisms, when you see clearly that they defy the laws of physics. How can a phantom crush a concrete wall?

You know that there are video footages from public spaces that of necessity must exist, that they have advanced capabilities, but you are not allowed to see them, so surely you get curious. If you are deep in the woods and not asleep, and you are able to interpret tracks and traces, you will have no problem in following a path. And if you see shadows lurking at convenient spots, you will recognize them. Now you will instinctively know if and when you are duped, although not at every instant the exact details, which again you will now know how to work out.

The label ‘conspiracy’ has the same sedative effect in a normal conversation as the term ‘racist’. It is not only sedative, it is actively used in some quarters as a manipulative diversion – a very effective way of derailing an otherwise coherent trail of thought. Of course there are crackpots around, yeah, they abound, but that does not mean that there are no machinations.

If you want to be unpopular, just refer to a picture that is so obvious that it is not deemed opportune to look at it.

2016-09-21 | 2021