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There is of course much to be said about this chart, which is quite striking, and plenty of material exists. Take a brief look at his Radix (Rodden AA) and think Configuration. We have seen the circus around Donald Trump actively performing, starting in (the latter part of) 2015.

Then we found T.Uranus in Aries, at a ReliefPoint to his strong opposition Gemini-Sagittarius, which also involves r.Jupiter in Libra at another ReliefPoint – and r.Mars in Leo (wider orb). He took the leap for President when his tense energies were flowing less strained, though still confrontational.

Such ‘coincidences’ (planetary positions) give us the insight that astrology works, though we don’t really know now why and how (operational principles), and make us continue with confidence in our craft.

As always, when I start writing, I’m drawn into the chart, and I will here delve into a further analysis (with Dynamics). I will successively revert to it as time allows. And yes, it’s time to understand more of the machinations behind presidential campaigns.


Barack H. Obama – A POTUS Meme

Natal, Mundane
Meme Chart


It is somewhat surprising that the astrological community in general seems to be unaware that there are well-documented and good reasons to doubt the authenticity of what is commonly referred to as Barack H. Obama’s birth certificate. Also Astro-Databank at Astrodienst adopts the gamut. The whole charade around his background is riddled with inconsistencies. It must be up to the reader whether to discern and invest effort in research.

As yet, we do not have the information necessary to with confidence erect the Radix of Barack H. Obama. Therefore, an astrological interpretation cannot detail his personal traits and potential in a psychological sense.

However, at the very core of astrology, we do have a valid chart – namely the established perception of a birth chart. We have a kaleidoscopic meme that can be considered in collective mundane and symbolic terms.,_Barack

The nature of this chart type implies that it is self-referential. In this case, with the deception involved, we would expect a prominent Neptune – and yes, it is culminating. There is a telling applicative r.(Mercury sq Neptune), and the applicative r.(Venus trine Neptune) adds to the ease of purveying an illusion – although it is not so easy after all with Neptune in T-square, and separative (retrograde) Jupiter approaching Saturn.

The configuration is strong and integrated – all the main r.factors are In Config; none are in isolation. There are angularities. The Moon is strong by orb and angularity. There is complexity in the aspect pattern. As always, one might argue orbs and directional motion, but I will say that the r.(Mercury conj Sun) is holding that part of the picture together and yields orb allowance to the T-square.

There is a clear emphasis of the western half of this chart, and there are symmetries and midpoint trees. Sun-(Venus/Mars) is exact. A Janus face?

Mars is the only ‘personal’ planet above the horizon, in close applicative trine with r.(Saturn conj Jupiter). The r.(Sun sq Neptune) is separative, which makes it hard in the long run to uphold & deceive. On an interpretational level, this is striking. The Sun by orb has no other main aspect! Where is this man, this POTUS? The theme is Disconnectedness – a gap between apparition and consequence. What is the intention? Who is in charge?

The r.Dispositor Chain has two parts, split between and dominated by domicile Sun and by domicile Saturn. Saturn is separated from the rest, alone. Is there an integrated structure, a constructive discipline? The chain from Sun has two pathways: One string ends in Jupiteresqueness through Uranus (which may entail ‘change’ – and unaccountability); and the other string is through Mercury, with its Rhetoric. The aspect triangle Moon-Mercury-Jupiter is important here, as it illustrates the initial popular appeal (the Moon is at the ReliefPoint to the opposition), but again, Saturn is also there. Does it last? Where is the substance? I think that Mercury’s three substrings are self-explanatory in this context – again we see Venus/Mars duality (Venus through the Moon, popular appeal) – and the potent Pluto, though generational, ends up with Neptune. It is notable that the Dispositors in a separate way are rooted in Center and Periphery, heart and skin, Sun and Saturn, and that the latter is stale, lacking a string of expression. (Mars: Yes, we can.) (Neptune: Hope, Something to believe in.)

The Nobel Peace Prize finally lost its credibility with Barack H. Obama, notwithstanding some other laureates. Besides, I believe that a man with real integrity in that situation would have said ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

The above analysis is not meant to be slanted. This is not a nativity! The geometrical figure is rich and full of possibilities. For now, I have looked at hope and reality. And one certainly does not recognize the young presidential candidate and his promises.


Vocational Meme Chart
Barack H. Obama

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Radix-Meme, Major


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