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# [Proposed Radix]: David Bowie
# Birth data: Known, verified – and quite uncertain.
# This chapter is an attempt to clarify.

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-W- http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Bowie,_David
-W- http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36442

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David Bowie’s birth data are seemingly documented, but are still under intense discussion.

The above thread has a discussion whether David Bowie’s r.ASC could be in Scorpio. Another comment mentions r.(DESC conj Pluto). I would say that r.(Mars conj Sun) is ample reason for the impression one might have of a Scorpio influence, though Aries is also there. With verified (?) birth hour, we here have the opportunity to see a combined Aquarius-(Scorpio-Aries) expression. Capricorn (Sun identity) sees to it that this is solid work – no superficiality here!

[By the way, who is ‘Thin White Duke (Bowie)’ in the above comment thread ?] – [Cf. ‘Inconjunct’ a.o. in same]

The whole discussion around this chart is something I will want to go more into. Shall we for now just say that most do settle for a time around 09:00 a.m. In the SymSolons above I’ve used 09:15 a.m. (as does The Oxford Astrologer).

Now, if we dynamically move the axes to the crucial a.o. ‘drug-years’ (Neptune), do the timing and interpretational symbolics then fit?

The ‘Berlin years’ 1976-1979:
(r.DESC.d conj r.Neptune)! – In Config – (ASC in fast ascension)
By moving the chart dynamically (P.29d => approx. 1976), you will see a strong aspect geometry (configuration), with a kite/opposition, with P.Neptune (as a leg) conj P.DESC in the Secondary chart (dynamical state).

You must see this! Try it – move the chart forward (one T.day one P.year) on your computer, and see how easy it is to work dynamically, seeing the aspect patterns form in continuous change.

[(r.MC.d conj r.Mercury) sq r.Neptune] – In Config – Wide orb
In r.Stellium: applicative [r.MC.d conj r.(Mars conj Sun)] – In Config

The orb of r.MC.d through the r.Stellium-(Mercury-Mars-Sun) goes beyond 1979. In the years after (r.MC.d conj r.Mercury) we have a period of about >= 9 years, where two distinct r.Configurations, very much focused on Neptune, successively are activated by r.MC.d.

These are preliminary notes, but the possibility of a birth time is there, isn’t it?


Proposed Secondary, Major, P:1976-[79]
David Bowie – Vocational Chart

Astrology, David Bowie, Proposed Secondary, 1976

S:1947.02.06 – 09:14:59

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